Max Nagtegaal

Digital Designer

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My name is Max Nagtegaal.

I'm a digital designer from Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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I love to design and build digital products. Whether it's creating full-fledged websites start to finish, designing and prototyping apps or inventing an entire online ad campaign.

I am a designer first and foremost, but I always try to combine my creativity with technical ability and a good bit of curiosity to actually create what my brain comes up with. I talk in fonts and hex codes, I think in CSS and I dream about Javascript interactions.

I'm currently studying Interactive Design and designing at Lightbase. I'm available for select freelance work in webdesign, branding/design, social marketing and any other interesting thing you might have.

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I design and develop all websites from scratch using Webflow. I don't make generic template-based websites, instead every pixel is custom-built according to your wishes and my creativity. SEO and hosting is taken care of - plus the ability to edit and expand your website easily using a CMS system.

Projects can be feature rich, including dynamic content like blogs, multi-step interactions + animations, and integrations with services like MailChimp and payment systems.

You can always get in touch and request a quote using one of the contact options below.


  • Complete design and development — both efficiently happening at once
  • Fully responsive — including custom options on mobile like a bottom navigation bar
  • Give direct feedback by having early access to the website itself and seeing it develop, instead of doing revision rounds afterwards
  • Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including graphics for social media sharing
  • Creative (micro)interactions and animations
  • Don't ever worry about your website after launch — get your hosting, CMS and technical support taken care of with a subscription plan


The cost of a webdesign project depends heavily on it's complexity and the scope of the work involved.

Smaller, fixed-priced projects start at around $2,500. For regular projects a rate of $75/hour applies. A subscription plan to cover hosting, CMS and maintenance is $20/month, which includes domain registration. This plan is optional but strongly recommended. You can always get in touch for a custom quote.

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I'm available for a wide variety of graphic and digital design commissions in areas like branding, logo design, UI/UX, print products and more.

I can take care of the complete visual identity of your business, which works especially well in combination with a new website.

If you want to discuss any graphic or digital design project you might have please feel free to get in touch using one of the options below.


  • Branding (logo, styleguide, design system)
  • UI/UX (app/website design)
  • Prototyping and interaction design
  • Print products (posters, banners, folders etc.)
  • Use of design and prototyping software like Sketch, Affinity, inVision Studio, Flinto and others.


The cost of a design project depends completely on the details of the project. The hourly rate or fixed price is to be consulted.

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Social Marketing

A business or product is worth nothing when nobody knows about it or cares about it. I aim to reach audiences using powerful and creative advertising. As the attention spans of people become shorter and shorter, I always try to make a fresh and striking ad that results in interaction and conversion.

You can contact me to work on ads based on an existing campaign or let me develop the entire creative concept powering it.


  • Advertisement graphics
  • Advertisement campaign concept
  • Specific for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and others


The cost of a social marketing project depends heavily on the details and scope of work involved. The hourly rate or fixed price is to be consulted.

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