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ui/ux for ios & android app

NeoTapLS: Giving babies a better chance to survive

NeoTapLS is an app for healthcare workers who are responsible of delivering babies in third-world countries. The app features a timer system which the user taps according to the heart rate of the newborn baby. The app displays real-time information and instructions for the healthcare worker. The app also features the APGAR scoring system, which gives further details on the status of the baby.

It was very important for this app to have bright, clear colors since it has to be visible with the phone placed inside a medical glove. The app has been designed in a way that eliminates the chances for confusion for the user, so they can focus solely on the important task at hand.

The app has been developed by Lightbase and is now available for iOS and Android.

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transit map design for utrecht

A concept of high quality transit to battle traffic congestion

As a result of a mobility issue in my hometown Utrecht, I decided to take the initiative to visualise what a potential solution could look like, mainly by upgrading the existing bus lines to tram lines. The city did not have any real transit map before this, so I went ahead to create it from scratch.

Bright colors and letter-based lines are chosen so users can easily know if they're stepping into the correct vehicle. It has seperate styling for under-and above ground lines, and for transfer-stops. Also the existing national railway network is included in the map.

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design and development of chatbot website

Lightbot: build chatbots without coding

Lightbot is a platform under development where you can build advanced chatbots without needing to write code. I was responsible for the branding, webdesign and development of the frontpage website.

It was important for a new, growing product like Lightbot to set itself apart from the rest of the pack with a unique branding package so it was ready to develop it's own identity in the public.

The website is built with Webflow, a modern CMS system that allows a webdesigner to create completely unique, modern and tailored websites while still giving the client powerful content management system to be able to edit content directly on the website, and add new content like they are blog posts.

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Miscellaneous projects

about me

Story time

My name is Max Nagtegaal - I'm a (web)designer, freelancer and urbanist from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I was born in 1999, and have been designing and developing ever since I was little.

I'm intrigued by social and technological development in the world around us, and specifically in how this looks in a visual way. I constantly see ways to improve the status quo - I'm all about designing new and improved experiences for people; both digital and physical.

In a concrete way I'm spending my time designing and developing Webflow CMS-based websites, branding companies and products, designing thought-out User Interfaces for (web)apps, and taking care of printmedia plus any other graphic design works. As a designer I'm pretty much what you call "all-round" - able to help with visually shaping a business or project from A to Z.

As an urbanist I like to look at and improve the physical world we live in - including aspects like urban planning, mobility, public transport and wayfinding. I combine my design experience with urban development and would love to help real-life cities develop themselves with this in the future.

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